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About Us

Forum for Internet Sellers, Retailers & Traders

India SME Forum, the voice of MSMEs in India, has taken the lead in forming the Forum for Internet Retailers, Sellers & Traders, (FIRST India) in order to support the entry of retailers, sellers and traders who have been inducted in the definition of micro small and medium enterprises under the MSMED Act 2006 on the advice of the Advisory Committee constituted under subsection (2) of section 7 of the MSMED Act 2006. The Indian retail, trade & commerce sector, representing enterprises based in India, which are in the business of wholesale & retail selling of goods and services, both, offline as well as online to consumers, are all eligible under this change notified on 2nd July 2021. India SME Forum serves as an ex-officio member of the Advisory committee constituted by the Government of India, under subsection (2) of section 7 of the MSMED Act 2006 and has pushed for the inclusion of wholesale and retail trade as activities eligible under the MSMED Act with benefits restricted to priority sector lending, as of now. Together with Indian policymakers, FIRST India can work on a daily basis to create a conducive policy and ecosystem which will help remove ,the biggest obstacles for online merchants to expand their business nationally as well as across-borders.