Our Aim

The aims of First India


  • To act on a consultative basis at national level to help central and state governments and public institutions in creating a better framework for internet retail and wholesale trade, offline as well as online and democratizing access to the economic dividend, that digitisation offers, in line with the Digital India Initiative, for enabling and enhancing the participation of MSMEs, focusing on marginalized, semi urban and rural Micro & Small Enterprises.
  • Work towards professionalisation, standardisation and self-regulation of the digital commerce and retail industry and foster and facilitate local, intra-national and international trade and commerce by stimulating the growth of the digital commerce sector.
  • Network and share best practices of successful retailing and trading enterprises from around the world, for our members, exchanging information, challenges and issues while disseminating knowledge on all issues concerning Digital and Internet  E-commerce in India.
  • Support creation of better frameworks that can foster and encourage formalization through digitisation at all levels, both for domestic trade and cross-border exports in line with Make in India and for boosting exports from India.
  • Develop dashboards & indices, build knowledge bases and conduct economic research and studies, that helps the Policy makers understand, enhance and promote digital commerce, compatible with its nature as a National Organisation, with the ability to offer knowledge services and provide dissemination and clarification activities to members.
  • Periodically analyse data from various sources across banking, customs, export, taxation etc, and release reports that can help contribute to a better understanding of Sustainable Digital Commerce, and its activity in the Indian and the global market, with a view to improving public policies and the rights of interested parties.
  • Organise and support meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, congresses and other activities that contribute to the dissemination, debate, clarification and training on Digital, Sustainable & Future Proof, trade and commerce.
  • Participate in Committees, Think Tanks, Federations, Associations or International organizations with the purpose of defending and representing the interests of its members.